Monday, February 20, 2012

There is a serial killer in my neighborhood

No song...because this isn't very cheery.

Today very quickly placed itself in a hand basket and went to Hades.

I have lived in my townhouse for a year and a half. It's in a sketchy neighborhood in Seattle, sure. But there's NEVER been a problem here. I've never even heard a raised voice. Now I'm leaving this sketchy neighborhood for a beautiful, idyllic, 1950s seaside neighborhood. I'm moving into a beautiful house and will be a ferry commuter.  You know what else I just found out my new neighborhood has?

A serial killer.

I'm not joking. Not in the slightest. Actually, I'm terrified. I spent the last hour crying...most of that on the phone with my mother.

There have been 2 murders and one attack in the last 9 months in my neighborhood. The most recent murder was 17 days ago. The police only recently connected them all.  The killer follows women who are walking alone in high traffic areas, abducts them, and then stabs them to death.

It's like I just walked into a fucking crime scene. The odds of me moving into a neighborhood with a serial killer and being a prime target in a prime situation are ASTRONOMICAL.  I have the worst. luck. ever.

So. I'm terrified. I already carry pepper spray and a knife. I just purchased a taser and a personal bull alarm. My landlord is ordering an alarm system today. My good friend Holly and I are going to try to sync our ferry schedules when she gets back from Olympia. I will be organizing a summit in the next days in my neighborhood to establish a watch program.

Here is more information: Seattle Times

Underneath the fear and alarm though, I'm pretty effing heart broken.

The assault on the map survived the stabbing and was able to give the police information about what the attacker looked like:

So it must be said, if you live in the Bremerton, WA area and you have any information leading to the arrest of this man, please call the local police department. 

There's also a $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

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