Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Tator Tot Mr. Potato Head's son?

Song for this post: "Winin' Boy Blues" ~ Hugh Laurie (House)

My new house has this adorable, retro, 1950s kitchen with this awesome 1950s stove. There's this new fad with appliances and designing them in 1950s style (see this for reference) which I think is effing fantastic.  It goes well with my obsession with cooking aprons (just got a new one a few weeks ago). I plan on always having martinis ready in my house. Feel free to stop by. In the meantime...

In keeping with this nostalgic, 1950s theme I found this sweet-as microwave that will go so well in my new kitchen:
I. Must. Have. This. Appliance.

I don't know kids...I kinda feel like putting on some eyeliner, baking a cake, and vacuuming. Just wait, you'll find me weeks later putting everything I can find in this microwave in a mad flurry.

PS. I want this refrigerator so badly I could pee.

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