Monday, February 13, 2012

Excuse me. I mustache you a question:

Song for this post: "Douchebag" ~ Patent Pending 

Feeling very debonnaire."
Every day I get "words of the day" delivered to my email inbox from two sources: Merriam-Webster, and Urban Dictionary. I think it's important to be well rounded. Also, I like words. "Say words, Elle!"

Today's Urban Dictionary word:

Introdouche: (v.)
The way in which a douchebag would go about introducing his/herself; bragging about their meaningless accomplishments in an attempt to impress you. 
Chris: "Watch this, John's about to introdouche himself to Carol." 
John (Speaking to Carol) : "Nice to meet you, John's the name. Nice rack. Think I met you one time at the bowling party. I won three times." 
Carol: "Thanks for introdouching yourself."
If you had some confusion about the proper way to introduce yourself and happen to be a creepy stalker, here is a highly educational video:

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