Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday staff meeting

Song for this post: "C.R.E.A.M." ~ Wu Tang

I know I usually have an interesting story about our "Friday sales staff meetings" but, this week, I really don't. Our time at Alibi Room was surprisingly tame. We each had very few drinks (I really have no tolerance since January Prohibition), ate some pizza and talked about normal things.

I got to see pictures of my boss's beautiful children. We talked about my coworker considering island living (I'm an advocate, as we all know), and the bartender, Lindsey, and I scheduled a shopping date for Valentine's Day.

All good things. All very normal. We did talk briefly about adult circumcision but, for us, that's pretty tame. Oh! This totally inappropriate thing made there's that. Thank you George Takei for being totally creepy.

What can I say? Next week we'll try harder.

RE: The song for this post: In lieu of some sordid story have some mid-nineties gansta rap.

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