Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.

Song for this post: "Run For Your Life" ~ Saint Daemon

On Wednesdays I go running.

I should probably clarify that. Here's my weekly gym schedule (all done on my lunch hour):

Monday: Elliptical
Tuesday: Lap Swimming
Wednesday: Long distance treadmill
Thursday: Lap Swimming
Friday: Elliptical

See?  Certifiably insane.

Even so, today when I was running and making that treadmill my bitch I started thinking about what it is that drives me to keep going. Is it a great song? Is it my debilitating fear of failure? Is it the elation from all the adrenaline pumping through me?

Well, it's all those things. But, what's MORE important, is what's going to make me run in the 5K I'm doing this year. That's right...ZOMBIES!!!

What could be more fun than being chased through mud and buckets of synthetic blood by brain-hungry zombies in a 5K marathon?  And these are fast moving, 28 Days Later, zombies...not the Night of the Living Dead zombies that just decompose all over you and stink the place up.

Fuck. Yes.

I seriously hope my children are this nerdy and creative. Seriously.

Click here for a downloadable pamphlet on surviving zombie attacks.


  1. You're doing the zombie run??? I am seriously planning on it myself! :D

    1. Really?!?! Are you gonna be in the states in August? Well now we just have to do it together. :)

  2. Yup, I think that's the first weekend right? I plan on driving down to CA after that to head home.