The Cool Kids

Looking for more reading material? Here's a short list of some of my favorite bloggers (click to read):

Everyone knows The Bloggess and, if you don't, your life has been a sham. 
Read her blog. Buy her book. She's the funniest bitch on the planet. Fr rlz.

Need a quick laugh? Look at pictures of JT doin' stuff with clever interpreted descriptions of his actions. Winning.

Incredibly poignant, intelligent and sometimes very funny international blogger. His witty repartee on ex-patriotism will make you thankful you have him in your RSS feed. 

Interested in politics? Check out The Riot. Blunt. Real. Unbiased. I mean, it's biased towards human decency, personal responsibility, and integrity. So there's that.

Fucking. Incredible. Food.

Real people and their style choices on the streets of Seattle.