Friday, February 24, 2012

Personal defense makes me feel pretty

Song for this post: "Blow" ~ Ke$ha

Two very important things just happened in my office:

1. My taser came in 3 days early! Don't worry everybody. I read the instructions very carefully a number of times before my coworker, Tim, and I played with it. Lemme tell ya: this sucker's LOUD!  So loud, in fact, that the IT guy got really paranoid when he heard electrical spark sounds coming from my office. hehe :)

What's awesome is that there's a wrist tether that connects to it via a small metal pin.  If the two are disconnected, it won't activate. So that means that A) if an attacker takes it from me, it won't work. B) I can't accidentally electrocute myself.

So it's win/win.

2. My new necklace came in the mail!  Remember last week when my favorite bartender had the coolest necklace EVER?!  I found something vaguely similar online and bought it for $4! I'm a bargain shopping badass.  

And this all happened after watching an enormous anaconda puke up a hippo!  Awesome!

Today is starting off pretty great.

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