Friday, January 27, 2012

"Little latin boy in drag, why are you crying?"

Song for this post: "She's A Lady" ~ Tom Jones

Well, that's it folks. January prohibition is officially over. I realize it's 3 days early but, you know what, I had a really good day at work following a really shitty week at work and my boss and I thought it deserved a celebration.

So how did we celebrate, you ask?

With our usual Friday staff meeting at the Alibi Room, of course!

A short recap of the many discussions had today:

1. Tapioca pudding and jello shots administered in hypodermic needles.
2. Partying like businessmen in Thailand
3. How our favorite bartender wants me to shoot her gun
4. Whether I was going to leave before or after shots started.
5. Star Wars, remade entirely in ASCII. (view it here if you're too new to watch it in Telnet)

I think it's fair to say it was a good commencement party.

In other news, I may have my hands on the most KICK. ASS. HOUSE. EVER. I admit, I'll be heartbroken if I don't get it. It's 3 months ahead of schedule and there are some things to juggle but it's totally worth it.

Parenthetical aside: (how'd ya like the Gossip Girl speak in that last paragraph? Lame huh?)

And lastly, I'm not a vain girl. Occasionally pretentious? Okay. Arrogant on occasion? I'll admit it. Snarky and sarcastic as fuck? Sure.  But vain? Not really. And that's why this excites me so much:

ALL WEEK, everywhere I go, men have passed me on the street and stopped to tell me how beautiful I am. Like, every day...multiple times a day. I'm not sure WTH is going on, but it's a damn good ego booster, lemme tell ya.

Maybe all that time in the gym is paying off...


...runs off to practice my moves.

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