Friday, December 30, 2011

Scott Baio

Song for this post: "Woman, I Love You" ~ Scott Baio

On Fridays a bunch of us at work have a "staff meeting" at the Alibi Room under Pike Market.  The bonus of working on 4th and Pike?  Well...really there aren't any downsides so...

Anyway, we know the bartender there. She's hilarious and always has a really funny story about something she experienced. So we go down there and they drink beer while I drink wine and we all eat pizza and listen to her fantastic stories.

Today's pizza was a bacon/feta something-or-another.  Except, when Chad asked what was on it and Rob said, "Its got bacon on there," I thought he said, "Scott Baio's on there."

I wish it had been true.

It begs the question though... What would be on a Scott Baio know...besides strippers?

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