Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Song for this post: "Money" ~ The Flying Lizards

I absolutely adore where I work. The guys I work with are hilarious, we're super productive, creative, and we are all given a TON of freedom in our positions. Startups are where it's at. If you go back a few posts, you can read about our "office meetings" at the bar down the street.  We love "office meetings."

I have a corner office with a door that closes and a big window that looks out over downtown Seattle. I love my office. I share it with another guy who is equally as awesome as everyone else.  We get along great.

When I first started working here and was getting to know him, he mentioned once that sometimes his wife gets on him about trivial things like tapping the spoon against the bottom of the cereal bowl.  I feel for him. All of us women do things like that.

Here's where it gets tricky:

He makes this noise. Constantly.  About every 20-30 seconds on a normal day and every 5-10 when he's really focused in on something.  It's sort of a sucking sound through his front two top teeth.  It makes sort of a suck/whistle noise.  It drives me bat shit cray.  Problem is, if I say anything than I'm the obnoxious office wifey.  So I keep my mouth shut, put in headphones, and turn up the music.  He's a cool guy. I totally like working with him besides that one thing.

Me and another co-worker, my best office buddy, have been discussing it lately and trying to decide on my best plan of attack.  This was yesterday:
Me: He's making the noise again.
Coworker: How would I type that noise? tssssssssstsssssssssss?
Me: It can't be real. I'm starting to think it might be a dirty trick he's been playing to see how long it will take me to say something. He can't honestly not know he's doing it...  ::starting to be suspicious::
Coworker: Your best bet is to just snap and start yelling/dropping F bombs.
Me: Yes. That's clearly the only solution.
Coworker: I'm pretty sure it's what Jesus would do.
Me:  Bahahahaha
Coworker: And by Jesus, I mean the Spanish pronunciation and the dude that runs the taco stand in Bothell...
I love my job.

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