Monday, January 16, 2012

Jessica Lange rocks my socks.

Song for this post: "Submariner" ~ Axwell

It finally snowed in Seattle. I'm disappointed, actually. Last year it was a nightmarish shit show. This year?  It's less than 24 hours later and everything is pretty much back to normal.  But that didn't stop me from the eccentric behavior I pride myself on so much.

What did I do to enjoy the snow?

After the bus I was on jacknifed and hit a car I was stuck on foot indefinitely. This is substantially better than a car in Seattle anyway.  

Commence wine with friend. I realize the "no wine in January" rule is still in play here but the snow + wine pact had been made prior.  

After wine the only obvious solution was to get a hotel room in my own city. Obviously.  What most people don't know about hotels in Seattle is that, if it snows, they DRASTICALLY reduce their rates.  So you can get a pretty outstanding room for <$75.  

Awesome hotel room on 5th & Pike? Check.  

4 bubble baths? Check.

Wine? Check.

HUGE fresh baked cookie? Check.

Golden Globe awards? Check.

Overly excessive jumping on the bed and dancing around hotel room in bath robe? Check.

The best part? Waking up to an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows as the sun rose over downtown Seattle.

Pretty awesome way to start the week, IMO, and TOTALLY worth it.

Welcome to Monday everyone! If all else fails, be eccentric. It's a guaranteed good time and good mood.
Brace yourselves, kids. One weather report I read this morning says Seattle may get a FOOT of snow tomorrow.

::squeals with delight::

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