Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"He caught me"

Song for this post: "Sweet Disposition" ~ Temper Trap

As many may know, I made the decision in early December not to drink at all during the month of January.  After what was a very turbulent year, and a holiday season that was chalk full of festivities, I figured I needed a month to detox and return to the discipline and structure I thrive so well on.

I'm 10 days in...

What's shocking is not how incredibly easy it is, it's that I haven't done ANYTHING different with my diet or workout and I've lost 10 lbs...in 10 days...just from not drinking.


It's a clear example of how bad alcohol is for you when you workout.  It's totally anti-productive.

I don't expect this trend to last at all. But it sure is a nice jump start to the fantastic year I am forcing 2012 to be.

This whole "clarity of mind" thing is causing a few other tentatively awesome domino effects. But they're none of your business.

Here's a shot from my running trail. For some reason it reminds me of that scene in The Boy Who Could Fly when she gets up on the railing and picks the flower and falls, nearly plummeting to her death (and deservedly so for being a damn moron).

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