Thursday, June 7, 2012


Song for this post: "Poker Face" ~ Lady Gaga

All of my sisters and I have this habit of thinking up a goal and then focusing on it with every force we can muster. It's a combination of manic creativity and dogged determination.  It's one of the many things that makes the women in my family so awesome...and a little cray.

It's also brought me a long way in life.

I can't sleep tonight. There's a lot going on that's both exciting and worrisome and it's forcing my German brain to want to organize and plan.  Must. Shut. It. Off.

I want my fruition now. Now that I've determined these new big plans I want them.

The women of my family are coming tomorrow and staying for the weekend. I should be sleeping. All of us in all of our crazy glory will be in one house + twin toddlers and an infant.  I'm absolutely thrilled but also, should be sleeping right now.

Here's a video of some other guys who also apparently couldn't sleep...and drink too much beer...and love Lady Gaga:

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