Friday, June 8, 2012

Shake your money maker...

Song for this post: "Too Close" ~ Alex Clare

This week's So You Think You Can Dance recap:

Only one person really impressed me. I was a little disappointed in Atlanta.

The kid I dug was Andrew Lawrence. I liked him because you could feel his emotions and tell he had a ton of technique but also threw a bunch of that staunch technique away. I dug that. It's like a big "Eff you! I do what I want! [snap]" So he switched between some great contemporary and ballet technique and just movin' around 'cause it felt good.

Andrew Lawrence
Atlanta, GA

There was one "notable."  And my "notable" I mean "entertaining" but not anything super special. Also, I really like using "quotes."

Andrew Rucker
Atlanta, GA

Also, on a totally different subject, the list of songs I put in each post (see Soundtrack page) is getting freakin' long. So I'm gonna start migrating it all over to one Spotify playlist so you can just click and play.

You're welcome.

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