Saturday, June 23, 2012

Babies for dinner?!?

So while the rest of the world lived a normal life of summer BBQs and Seattle Pride, I spent my day on the couch with Nick...attempting to watch a marathon of Game of Thrones. Basically, I've been sitting on the couch for 16 hours (with intermittent trips to the bar and grill for drinks and sustenance or, in Nick's world, sausage...and Nick does love a sausage). Too bad my TV disagreed. Halfway through my Google TV bitched out on us. FYI: don't buy a Google TV. Sorry Google. I'm on board...but I hate your TV.

So instead, here's this:

And everything is better when you add the word, "fuck" to it:

And on that note, I'm sure you've heard of Slipsum but it's TOTALLY worth mentioning again. Are you a designer? A content writer? A student? Do you find yourself needing to use Lorem Ipsum placeholder text? Samuel L. Jackson can help you with that:

Hey, has anyone else tried the water nail art marbling tutorial yet? I tried it and it was just a mess and my nails came out looking like a 4 year old painted them. What am I missing here?

So, let's talk about Nick for a minute (who's sitting across from me right now).  Last weekend we went home to our hometown for Father's Day (remember, we grew up together). He found this little nugget of fools' gold (his words) in his mother's car:

Direct quote from Nick:
"Happy Fathers Day, Dad. Too bad we're disowning Mom.

So then, days later I saw this little gem on my Facebook wall:

I've protected her identity...for obvious reasons.

Yesterday was Pride in Seattle...the largest celebration of the LGBTQ community in the nation. I was going to go but, considering it was a damn monsoon outside, I passed. I'm assuming it likely ended up being thousands of freezing, rainbow colored people with goosebumps clinging desperately to their joy while marching in a rain-soaked parade down 4th Ave. I appreciate your dedication, I really do. I'll go next year and hope it's sunny. 

It's also SEAF (Seattle Erotic Arts Festival) in Seattle right now. This is also a big deal, but not as big a deal as everyone having the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to love whoever the hell they want, regardless of gender. SEAF is more about sex than it is about love. It celebrates the freedom to express yourself sexually. There's art showings, literary readings, shows, classes, and all sorts of events city-wide for 2 solid weeks. 

Basically, right now Seattle is all about freedom of expression, equal rights, sex, love, and joy. Damn I love this city.

So while everyone was getting their gay on and lookin' at naked people be artistic, I was watching Newsies and baking cupcakes (I suppose that's kind of like getting my gay on and lookin' at naked people attractive male actors who dance and sing be artistic). It's re-ignited my love of Christian Bale and musicals. Also, I'm hoping it'll make all the boys come to my kitchen yard. I mean the cupcakes part...not the part where I watch men dance and sing. Although, if you want to come to my yard and watch men dance and sing I'm down for that too. I'll bring the cupcakes.

And here's a real batdog:

Lita The Destroyer

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