Thursday, May 17, 2012

23, lives with mom, does cocaine. AKA "Comedian."

Song for this post: "Funny Face" ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last night I went to my first comedy show. It was at the Capitol Club in Capitol Hill.  It was swell. Why I'm 30 and haven't ever been to a live comedy show is beyond me but you can sleep well tonight knowing I've remedied that shortcoming. Mostly, I was just glad to be with good company and having cocktails. The laughing was a total bonus.

Anyway, some of the comedians were NOT FUNNY AT ALL.  One guy just wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. At all. He delivered each very carefully recited line while staring at the floor the whole time. He could have been funny...if he'd had more self confidence. Either way, he had that sort of smarmy, sweaty, Andrew Dice Clay, "I do too much cocaine" thing about him so I probably wouldn't have found him funny no matter how self confident he was.

There was only one woman and she spent her entire segment talking about being a lesbian. I feel like that's just unoriginal. Every gay, female comedian I know of makes their whole set about being a gay, female comedian. I'm happy for you. Now say something funny.

There was this one kid, though, who performed last. His name is Sean McCarthy and he's hilarious:

Also, I know it's been a while since I did a proper Friday Staff Meeting. I'll make sure we do it right tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I'm a gay female comedienne and I barely mention it! And you've known me a hundred years. Jerko. I'm gonna burn down your cat.

    1. 1. You have no idea how happy it makes me that you commented. :D
      2. I just can't mentally lump you with everyone I'm speaking about because you exist in this category of "awesome people Elle loves and can't compare to anyone else." So you're exempt from my sweeping statements.
      3. Are you and Cassie coming to the Quarterly? PLEASE say yes! I miss you!

  2. Well, ok then. I'm not sure if we're gonna be able to come or not, but if we can't, we're going to go up there on our own in the next couple months and we WILL be hanging out!