Thursday, May 24, 2012

I daydream about my dentist.

Song for this post: "Look At Me Now" ~ Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes

I have nothing important to say other than this has been a pretty exciting week. There are some srsly smile-provoking things going on both in my professional and personal life. The idea that some things could potentially happen that are gonna flip my situation upside down (in a good way) is making me pretty ecstatic. I function best when I have a goal and am working toward something. I'm not good at being idle.

You'd think I'd be at least a little pissy this week, given that I cracked a filling and now have to have a root canal. It helps that my dentist is hot as fire...and that the Vicodin he gave me is potent and contributing to the glorious time I've spent in bed watching movies (also uncommon for me).

It's not often that I'm just a lazy ass so I consider that time pretty precious. In fact, most of the time I'm scheduling a time to sleep in weeks in advance (you have to catch up at some point, right?). I've caught myself a number of times thinking to myself, "Oh! I can sleep in on Saturday 3 weeks from now. Shoot! No I can't." Right now I'm scheduling weekends for the summer out 2 months in advance. On a typical day I've taken a language lesson, either had a workout or been lap swimming, worked a full day and written a little on the book I'm trying desperately to finish. And that's all before 4 PM. So ya, movies in bed is a pretty big treat for me.

I complain about being busy but, honestly, I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself if I wasn't. Like I said earlier, I function best when I have a goal and am working toward something.

Also, I learned this week that, when you're trying to chat with someone via Google Chat and you mean to say, "less than 3" (like, in regards to your career) it comes out like a little I look like I'm SUPER girly and in love with my career. I mean, I knew that you type <3 and it produces a little heart avatar (obviously. I'm not 80 years old) but I'd never thought about in regard to the practical, mathematical use.

Okay. Something funny...

That shit just NEVER gets old.