Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How many villains can you fit in a city?

Song for this post: "The Batman Theme" ~ Batman - Original Motion Picture Score

Seattle's super villain Rex Velvet, who I've lovingly redubbed "Sexy Rexy" struck again this morning.

Have I told you how awesome I think he is? Or how SPECTACULAR our city is? Seattle just continues to be the coolest city ever. If you missed the first 2 installments of Rex Velvet, check them out here and here. And here he is on a local radio station.

How many cities have not just 1 but TWELVE superheros and its own villain?

But that's not all, even Rex Velvet has his own arch nemesis now...and it's NOT Phoenix Jones. Everyone, meet Mr. Grim:

He's not as good as Sexy Rexy but he's certainly helped create the trifecta. We now have the equivilant of Batman, The Joker, and The Penguin (you remember...the villain who totally sucked but still added a dimension to the story).

Gawd I love this city!!1!!1!one!!

Get your own Sexy Rexy Facebook cover photo here.

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