Saturday, May 19, 2012

My friend Vanessa, the Bear.

Song for this post: "I Wanna Rock" ~ Twisted Sister

What did I do last night, you ask?

I spent the evening chatting with Nick about Fringe, designated board game nights and a new alter ego, the bearded lady Vanessa.

The progression of our conversation went like this: cute women > lesbians who like Nick > Spider-man > Evil Dopplegangers > the majesty of beards.

It started with a picture of me and a conversation about how Nick is one of my very best friends.

I guess Nick thought it would look better if he "enhanced" it.

Then Melanie said it could be my alter ego named Vanessa.

After a much longer digression Nick and I eventually came to the agreement that, if Vanessa is my bearded alter ego, than Vanessa is really Nick.

I will now address all future holiday gifts for NIck to Vanessa, lifelong friend.

Questions about Nick's obsession with beards? Take a gander at his own Winter Beard Project: The Beardening: A Record.

Update (5/22/12)

Nick Strikes again:

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