Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seattle is amazing (read: glee and super heroes rock my socks)

Song for this post: "Stronger" ~ Kelly Clarkson

I talk about how much I love this city a LOT. Am I disappointed in some of the things that happened on Tuesday? Yes. But I adore this city. The creativity, community, love, economic development, and ingenuity that comes out of this town keeps me in a continuous state of awe.

Here are three examples from the last WEEK:

For those who don't know, Egan Orion is the owner and mastermind behind One Degree Events, an event firm responsible for the largest flash mob troupe in the nation. And it's based in Seattle. In fact, the video above is of the largest Glee flash mob in the country and it happened across the street from my office. These people are amazing. Egan infects our community with love and joy and he does it in a way that's becoming a pandemic. That's the kind of pandemic this world needs.

What other city has it's own REAL super hero? I'm not joking at all. Seattle has it's own super hero and has for some time. His name is Phoenix Jones and he fights crime. He's actually partially responsible for thwarting the attack on the Federal Courthouse during Tuesday's protests. One of my close friends was part of his pack of 8 crime fighters for a while. You can actually Wikipedia her. Again, not joking. But it doesn't stop there...

As of this week we also have our first SUPER VILLAIN! On May 1st, Rex Velvet presented his identity to the world, declaring super hero war against dear Mr. Jones. Looks like it's going to be a comic book battle royale.

I'm not complaining.

If you're interested in relocating, srsly. Move to Seattle.

Best city in the world.

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