Friday, May 25, 2012

Nothin' like a good dance off...

As a few close friends know, I'm OBSESSED with dance.  I'm not a dancer myself (I've always wished I was) but I could watch modern dance ALL. DAY. LONG.  Nothing effects me emotionally quicker. Strange because, I'm a singer so you'd think that'd be my catalyst. But no. It's dance.

Typically I almost exclusively like male dancers. Their natural strength gives them more ability (IMHO) and I personally feel like they're able to emote better through movement than women.  Except for Melanie Moore. She's a goddamn goddess, neverminding the fact that she has perfect form and absolutely incredible muscular strength.

So you can guess that I'm pretty excited So You Think You Can Dance (my favorite show EVER) is back on the air for season 9.

I created a new label and will be posting videos of my favorite pieces. I'm not going to drip the posts anywhere because it'll just pollute all of my social media feeds (and yours) but they'll be here, neatly tucked into the label "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" which you can get to from the main page on the left side. are my favorites pieces from auditions in New York and Dallas:

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp - New York
Modern Dance

Shafeek Westbrook - New York

Bree Hafen - Dallas
Modern Dance

Dude that last one makes me tear up. And it reminds me of my Sissy.

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