Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two truths and a lie (Lump 2)

Song for this post: "True Colors" ~ Cyndi Lauper

Lump 2:

You know those bell ringers that stand outside of every possible storefront during the holiday season and ring those damn gold colored bells in your ear until your head is splitting in two?

Makes you feel so festive doesn't it?

Are you one of the many who did your good deed for the season and dropped a bill in their little, clear orb-shaped container?  Did it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Good. I'm about to rip that feeling of love and charity away from you like the evil devil I am.

The Salvation Army is the mastermind behind the seasonal bell ringing. It's an initiative started years ago to collect funds for the needy and inspire hope in the public during a season filled with love and giving.  Having worked for a homeless charity, I absolutely see the value in this. I have incredible amounts of sympathy for the less fortunate.  Thanks to my time at the shelter, I know a great deal of them here in the Seattle area.  But, unlike the charity I worked for that boasted basic Christian principles, The Salvation Army has a long history of political involvement in some pretty controversial issues. I'm not saying don't give to the needy. I'm just saying, know what your dollars are going to.  ALL charities use some of those donations to cover operational costs.  So, for The Salvation Army, what are those costs?

Some of those dollars are going towards an anti-gay agenda that TSA is so dedicated to, it's a little shocking they have a good name in this social climate at all.  They aren't just vehemently against gay rights, they oppose gay marriage, employment of homosexuals, charitable provisions for homosexuals, and ask that all homosexuals live a life of celibacy. They even lobbied to kill a bill in New Zealand that would decriminalize same gender sexual relations.

I realize the slippery slope outing them might create. Getting people to give of themselves at all is difficult. Trust me. I know. I worked in that arena. Taking away the one thing you're giving to likely means you'll stop altogether.

Please don't. There are a number of charities in the Greater Seattle Area that use your funds to help those in need without the political lobbying and hate-agenda. Do your part. It's incredible how easy it is.  All I ask is, when you do your part, KNOW what you're doing and what affect that contribution will have.

Charity has a sociological impact just like vegetarianism and environmentalism.  If you're a vegetarian, GREAT! Know why you are what you are. Know the difference between eating animal and eating products that are made with animal bi-products. Want to drive a hybrid and help the environment? AWESOME!  Learn about hybrid batteries and how awful they are for the planet.  Want to donate to a charity and help mankind?  FANTASTIC!  Learn about that charity's political history and READ THEIR MISSION STATEMENT. Ask to talk to other donors and volunteers.

Making a positive impact on the world is easy. I just ask that you educate yourselves and leave the hypocrisy to the assholes (you know...like The Salvation Army).

If you are in the Seattle Area and want to make a difference (and PLEASE, it's SO needed) the Seattle Foundation works with hundreds of local charities that you can access from their website:


I feel like I should get a medal for all this link-back action. 

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  1. Simply astounding. Never thought I'd see the day that the Salvation Army would take a stance similar of that of the Westboro Baptist Church (which to this day, I still pray that a meteor sent from Thor smashes into their compound). Yet another reason that helped drive me away from organized faith and then religion altogether.

    But you are correct that there are many charities worth giving to that actually benefit people, regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and/or religion. One of my favorites is Doctors Without Borders; I regularly make a donation to them, when I can.