Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"His penis got diseases from a Shumach tribe!"

I re-watched an old episode of BTVS tonight. I know. I'm 30.  Someday I'll grow out of it. But I still watch reruns of My So Called Life too so...we can't all be winners all the time.

Anyway, it was that episode where Buffy's mom kicks the can and Willow doesn't wanna look like a king and Anya babbles about eggs and fruit punch.

It's a really good episode, actually. So good that, to this day, I still tear up when Dawn falls down in the hallway at her school. So good that, for one episode, I can almost ignore that bizarre "deer that popped its eyeballs out of its sockets" look that Sarah Michelle Gellar gets every time she has to do any kind of dramatic [read: crying] acting.

Love the girl...but she eye-acts more than Ian Somerhalder next door on Vampire Diaries. He's hot as fire, sure. But his eye acting channels Linda Blair.

This animated gif has nothing to do with her eye over-acting...it was just a really good episode...and a really good animated gif.

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