Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Song for this post: "Hollaback Girl" ~ Gwen Stefani

Self awareness is the key to happiness...

I went to the salon on my lunch to get some festive New Year's Eve nail color and figured I may as well get a brow wax while I was there.  I asked the polite little thing who was buffing my nails to please wax my eyebrows when she was done.

She looked at the top of my face. Then the bottom. Then the top. Then the bottom again.  Then she said, "You want lip too?"

No. Surely you must be mistaken. I don't have a ladies mustache.  I'm not one of those. Please. Just the eyebrows.

She narrowed her eyes at me quite seriously for a moment, leaned in and, in a quiet and stern voice said, "You do lip too."

Okay. Fine.

10 fingers, two eyebrows and a lip later I have to admit, I'm a little shaken up about it.  Sure...it was fine blonde hair that no one would have noticed but her, but still...the little strip covered in wax and baby-fine, half invisible hair doesn't lie.

I feel both less pretty and more pretty now that I've discovered it and resolved the issue.

Nothin' like a day spa to put things back in perspective, humble yourself, and force the glaring truth into the blinding, cold and heartless light.

In similar news:  LOOK!  PRETTY GOLD SPARKLES!  ::squeals like a child and claps her hands::

I will now hunt, meticulously, through all of my photos for evidence of this new discovery so I can yank them from Facebook and the harsh lights of the public in an irrational panic.

Oh hey..while I'm thinkin' about it...

I passed this on my way to the nail salon and fell in love. It's a new, silly sculpture that just went up in June.  Read about it here.

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