Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I ate my twin.

Song of the day:

Billy Corgan used to be such a god.

Also...creepy.  Just sayin'...[Twinsies!!!]

I'm going to try to remember to start each post with a song link...because, you know, setting the mood is awesome and I'm super suave like that.  I will use a Spotify link. This will accomplish two things:

  1. Force you to sign up for Spotify if you want to hear it (but trust, it's worth it). If you're unclear on why Spotify is the COOLEST THING EVAR feel free to PM me.  I'll be their spokesperson. You're welcome corporate assholes.  You can send my check to my paypal account.
  2. We can share playlists once you're on it, thus discovering new music and understanding each other on a deeper level every day...because, you is deep, yo!

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