Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's fiction. I promise.

Song for this post: "Drop Dead Gorgeous" ~ April Smith

Conversation overheard on the ferry today:
Girl 1: "I'm the only girl he's never cheated on.  He cheated on every girl before me."
Girl 2: "So. Wait. He's never been faithful until you?"
Girl 1: "Right. But with me he's totally dedicated. I really trust him."
Girl 2: "What about when he goes to sea and you're not there?"
Girl 1: "He wouldn't even look at another girl. I mean, other guys do. I guess there's this thing where, if they're at sea, it's not cheating."
Girl 2: "How is that not cheating?!?"
Girl 1: "I don't know. It's just not. But he would never do that. He loves me."

...Sure honey. You just keep living that fantasy. Let us all know when he brings you back a unicorn...or the hiv.

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