Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of the cool kids just impressed me again.

Song for this post: "Shining Light" ~ Annie Lennox

I don't think I've mentioned here what, exactly, it is that I do for a living. We all know I love my job, coworkers, and company. But I don't think I've discussed what role I play in it.

I'm a manipulative a-hole. 

Okay, okay. That's not my official title. But it probably should be. Actually, I'm marketing. That's what I do. I find new and effective ways to make financial software interesting. Honestly, I find it very interesting. But you get the point. Before marketing software in technology channels I worked as the Marketing Director of a charity (see abandoned blog here). It was HELL. ON. EARTH. 

If you look on the blog roll above (Cool Kids) you'll see that I list off some of my very favorite bloggers on the interwebz. One of those is Rotten In Denmark. Well, he's in Denmark now. He's actually from Seattle. Who knew!?!? Anyway, the guy is hilarious, poignant, intelligent and has a consistent outside-the-box take on social and economic issues. I heart him. What I didn't realize until today is that he also works in marketing. In fact, he works in marketing and fundraising (something I know a great deal about as well). 

This makes me love him even more. So does his March 22nd entry.

Thanks, whoever you are, for bein' you and writing about it so well.

Check him out. RSS that shit. He's gold.

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