Thursday, April 26, 2012

More is more...on the dance floor.

Song for this post: "I'll Do It" ~ Heidi Montag

She's the train wreck that just keeps replaying on the reality tv screen of mankind.

Heidi Montag, why oh why are you still trying to be talented (read: smart, witty, clever, pretty, worthwhile...)???

Lil' Miss Fake McBigtits just released ANOTHER album.  Well, it's an EP...but still.  Does anyone else remember this shit-show:

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph she's a nightmare...and now she's doing it again, Only, on this follow up album she attacks the really issues by asking tough questions like, "Where is the party?" and God bless her for filling us all in: "It's wherever I am." Someone's showing off their inner trailer park powers of persuasion.

What would we do without her poignant, thought-provoking, and witty repartee'? And what about the example she sets that everyone can be good at math as represented in the lyric, "Excessive, gimme extra in addition to what I got..."

McBigtits' new single:

My personal favorite? The song for this post. Her philanthropy and willingness to accommodate those around her a la being your "hot mess school girl in curls" and letting you "eat my panties off of me" is not only generous and selfless, it's representative of the better world we all wish we lived in.

I applaud Miss McBigtits for setting yet another positive example of womanhood to our younger generations.

...ya...that's what it is.

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