Monday, April 23, 2012

Eat bacon for world peace.

Song for this post: "We Are Young" ~ By Fun

You know what sucks about living in Seattle? Well, nothing...except sometimes you forget what the effects of the sun are because you don't see it very often. So, for example, I spent some time outside this weekend and forgot that the sun burns.

I know, right? Note to self: Wear less clothing next time you're outside.  At least then my tan lines won't make me look like I have some sort of geometric skin disease.

On the up side, it was GORGEOUS outside all weekend. Here's my neighborhood (it's can be jealous):

I'm thankful for getting some exercise in this weekend...especially since I discovered the miracle of bacon on a pizza yesterday. It was worth the torture I'll have in the gym this week. It was worth every second of it. I regret nothing.

I still can't start my lawn mower. Stupid pull-string/cable thingy. Second note to self: lift weights.

I'm meeting with a guitarist tonight after work. And I'm pretty much RETARDEDLY ELATED about that.

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