Friday, April 20, 2012

"I done made the devil a deal"

Song for this post: "Hell On Heels" ~ Pistol Annies

My mother and sister and I are recording this together:

Effing rad. I come from a long family of musicians and we're all doing an album together. It's important. I want my grandparents to have that. Family is important and mine is pretty damn amazing. Also, I'm not sure if you know this, but my Grandpa is the coolest man who ever walked the earth. He was this awesome 50s greaser with a Jerry curl and love/hate tattoos on his knuckles. He's a musician and a damn good singer and he reminds me (and everyone I know) of the perfect mix of Johnny Cash and Elvis. He can be tough as nails or the biggest heart in the world. By that I mean, he's tough as nails except with us girls. He loves us. 

A few years back he was on the news in our hometown because this guy in a grocery store parking lot did something bad. I can't remember what (hit his girlfriend...stole something...jacked a car...) Anyway, My Grampy cold clocked him and then held him there until the cops showed up. That's right. He's the man. I'm pretty sure he's either bionic or immortal. Either way, he's going to live forever. The man is in his 70s, looks like he's 45, is still fit as a fiddle and spends his time building shit, hunting, and makin' music.  Nothing holds that guy down.

I'm super stoked to sing with him. Both my sister and I have a duet with him.

I'll start posting our finished tracks as they are completed.

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