Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nerd. Love.

Song for this post: "Love to Love You Baby" ~ Donna Summer

I've just hit a new level of my love for nerds. Is it bad that this actually makes me swoon?

Srsly. Someone do this and send me video or pictures (of the tech stuff, not the sexy time...of course).

Also, I was thinking about themed parties tonight (I LOVE throwing shindigs) and had a thought that we should ttly have a YAY HEALTHCARE party! We can have all the glasses be empty tylenol bottles (the big Costco ones) and make togas out of hospital gowns. Spodies can be put in IV bags. FUN!

Say yes to fun and creativity. Even the ancient Romans got drunk and wrote on "bathroom stalls:"

FYI: I want this plush doll.

Lastly, OMG you guys. I got my county ballot in the mail today.  Maybe it makes me the most boring person on the planet but I always get REALLY excited about voting. I'm using my voice! I'm chiming in! I'm doin' mah due diligence yo! I'm a member of this county! FUCK YA YA'LL! WHAT NOW?!?!?

::chest pump::

1 comment:

  1. Shut up and take my money!!!! That is really cool.

    Oh, and as far as the theme party goes, I'm down. Do I have to bring my own hospital gown?