Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are you peeing into a cocktail glass?!?

Song for this post: "Tearjerker" Red Hot Chili Peppers"

If you're in the Seattle area, get your ass to Pike Market tomorrow by 1:45. It'll be a madhouse, but Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis will be there making coffee and promoting their new film.


In other news: Are you a sports fan? Love live events? Hate that you can't bring your own liquor?  Now your problems are solved!

It's kinda gross, but so smart. Thanks, bored jocks, for thinkin' this stuff up.

Okay, so I still have disposable cameras from the 8th grade I never developed. No joke. From before digital cameras were created and dinosaurs roamed the earth. Fortunately, some dude just came out with a little device that scans negatives into your iPhone.

wha Wha WHAT?!? That is SO genius!

What else is new? Honestly, not much. Work is stupid busy and my personal life isn't something I want to talk about right now (but I will...soon...just as soon as I figure out how to properly word it).

My sister visited for the weekend with her twins and baby.  I took them up to Poulsbo (one of the greatest little towns EVER) to go to this little aquatic center where you can pet starfish and sea cucumbers and there's an octopus named Paprika. It wasn't open when we got there so we took the girls to a park.  It was the most AMAZING, macabre, creepy, beautiful park ever.  It was in the middle of a thick forest and it was overcast. There was a lightning storm while we were there and the thunder was so loud it was deafening.  It all looked like goblins were going to creep out of the woods and the cameraman had put a "creepy" filter on the camera for that take.

You know how, in Twilight (it's okay, I hated it too) the area is made to look all thick and mossy and creepy and it's out of a fantasy novel? That really IS the Northwest...and it's one of the things I love most about it. This place was just like that.

I wish I would have gotten pictures. We got a few but none of them do it justice at all.

But my sister did get this shot after our night of too much wine (when the twins woke up at 5 AM):

Dude. I didn't even know she took it until I saw it on Facebook. And, at first glance, I ttly thought my kneecap was a boob.

And here's a photo of dinner with Nick on Monday night. I never fail to LOVE where I live:

There were people kayaking and sailing in the bay and we ended up very pleasantly surprised by the little restaurant we chose. Yummy micro-brews (I even liked one!), good wine, srsly yummy food (I had eggplant parm, Nick had a pizza) and they make all of the sausage from scratch. And it has a fantastic view of Oyster Bay.

Srsly. If you get the chance, go to Tony's in Bremerton, go.

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