Thursday, July 12, 2012

The early fish catches the....

Song for this post: "River of Deceit" ~ Mad Season

Hey, remember that post I wrote about grammar and the proper use of an Oxford comma?  Well, this is my favorite image of the day:

I'm kind of swamped with deadlines right now and mentally preoccupied by the fact that  MY SISSY IS COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW. As a result, I lack the brain capacity to be very interesting.

So, instead, here's a bunch of shit I heard, read, or saw this week:

"I ttly want to throw a party. What kind of party should I throw?"
"You should totally throw a party rock. I heard a rumor that there's one in the house tonight."

"A McD’s cheeseburger has about 2.4 oz of beef.  If we assume that ¾ of the cost of the cheeseburger is in the beef.  For a 99 cent burger, that’s $6.60 a pound for the lowest quality beef you can buy.  You’re not saving any money by buying 99 cent cheeseburgers."

"The sorting hat put me in Waffle House."

"Top pay attracts the best people.  Although freedom and recognition generally trump pure dollars for employee happiness, those that consistently pay their employees less, end up losing their best people. Employees don’t ask for raises.  On the infrequent occasion that they do, they’re not really asking for a raise, their telling you about the new job some place else that they found, which comes with a raise.  It’s your job to make sure they never have a reason to look for that job. Often companies that can’t afford to hire the best people end up this way because they don’t hire the best people (who will generate more money).  If your business is struggling, look at your payroll.  Do your employees resent you?  Are they making a sacrifice to work for you?  It is your job to find a way to keep them thrilled to work with you, and monthly pizza parties aren’t going to do it."

"Our civilization is nearing its end and our grandest technological achievements will be the iPad and that japanese robot that falls down all the time."

OMG this is so smart: Cool DIY shit
OMG this is so funny: Cool & inappropriate work shit

Okay so, The neighborhood I live in is super artsy and quaint (and also the starting point of the zombie apocalypse). So there are all these sculptures everywhere.  Well, there's these two sculptures right in the town square that I can't help but laugh at every time I pass them:

click to enlarge

See? It's a fish catching a fisherman.
So. Silly.

Lastly, Nick sent me a list of weird books. And I CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING.
Click to enlarge
I want to own ALL of these. 

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  1. stacey hellikerJuly 12, 2012

    I totally must have the encyclopedia of medical ignorance!! And since there will soon be a three year old in our house, that is a must have too!!