Friday, July 6, 2012

Mermaids, deaf chicks, and aliens who kill children...

Song for this post: "Motown Philly" ~ Boys II Men

"Seals are just dog mermaids. Think about it."

Happy Friday everyone. Now that summer has finally hit Seattle I'm spending a lot of time obsessing over seafaring things like kayaking, swimming, discovering lost species like some non-fictional Captain Nemo...

So I was thrilled when the US government helped me wrap my head around the very confusing and oft puzzled over existence of mermaids.

Breaking news: Mermaids are not real, U.S. government declares

As my friend Andrew so eloquently stated:

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I was hunting through old pictures and video from last summer the other day and found a gem from 4th of July 2011...before I moved out of Seattle. Before I moved to the glorious location I live in now, I lived in a glorious location in the city. It was a green-engineered townhouse with an amazing running trail along Lake Washington right on a park; a park that happened to be a central point of neighborhood karaoke...awful, out of tune, Mary J. Blige karaoke through speakers that I'm surprised didn't burst it was so loud.

So what I'm saying is, last year on the 4th of July I walked outside my townhouse and captured this lovely rendition of
Anita Baker's "Sweet Love."

Effing. Outstanding.

Lastly, PLEASE GOD, when I have a litter of kids or go halves on some bastards with my best friend, PLEASE GOD let them be this cool. 


OMG those kids do Monty Python too!  That's it. I've some kidnapping to do.

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