Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th! Let's blow shit up!

Song for this post: "Titanium" ~ David Guetta feat. Sia

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope you're being safe. Have fun. Drink you face off. Light shit on fire. Don't drive. Don't be like these people:

I live in a Navy town so, basically, it's sounded like a war zone here all day. EVERYONE is lighting fireworks and not just fireworks, but those big missile-size ones that sound like the apocalypse has come.

There were some events I could have gone to in the city but I HAPPILY chose to spend today sleeping in and vegging around the house. What I discovered is that I'm getting really bad at "vegging." On the up side, I got to play with my new electric lawn mower (which is AMAZING!) and then weed my MASSIVE garden.

 And then I made lemon squares. So, basically, I spent my 4th of July pretending to be Betty Draper...only nicer and without selfish, sociopathic tendencies.

Last weekend friends came over for wine and dinner. I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have made a friend who also JUST HAPPENS TO BE A CHEF. She volunteered to make us dinner and even wore one of my adorable cooking aprons. Also, her food was amazing.

See? Here she is cooking:

It was all for a friend of mine who is spending the summer in a study program in Europe. So proud of her.

Saw this the other morning when Nick and I got coffee before work:

Okay and last two pictures of my life for this post, promise:


And sunset:

I will NEVER get tired of where I live. I'm so so so lucky.

Remember how I told you that me and some of my friends are going to The Dominican Republic this November? Good. Well, Erin was looking into transportation from the airport to our villa and came across this nice man.

Can you believe that 2nd paragraph?!?!? I'm still all jaw-agape days later. I'm stunned. 

And lastly, let's all thank Nick for this happy bullshit:

Happy 4th everyone!

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  1. I have to work on the 4th. That's ok, though. I still haven't gotten used to being around explosions here at home.

    Plus: I love that button.