Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bayside High Rocks My Socks

Song for this post: "Intergalactic" ~ Beastie Boys

I know. I've been completely MIA for the last week and a half.  Sorry guys. The thing you'll learn about me when you get to know me is that I have this habit of changing up everything at once at the most inconvenient times. You might plan a move. Me? I do it 3 months early during the busiest and most stressful time of the year at work...because I'm either really good at coping or really shitty at thinking critically.  I'm sure it's a bit of both. One must lend itself to the other.

So. I'm in the house. That's good news. I'll get pics up soon.

Also, my head hasn't exploded at work.  Also good news.

Basically, it's win/win right now.

Here's a quick(ish) recap of the then, now and what's to come:


1. I moved. I've talked about this ad nauseum. When we were in the Uhaul waiting for the ferry there were these two old ladies quilting together in the car next to us. So. Cute.

2. Taking a ferry to work kicks ass! I get to watch the sun rise over the water and drink coffee and not have a care in the world. Also, I get time to write chapters...

3. I finished a chapter!
4. My mother came to visit for a few days to see the new place. Even though I'm full grown, responsible, 30 year old adult, I still cried when she left and then snuggled with a pillow on the couch for a while. I. Love. My. Mother.
5. I dyed my hair (again. shocker. don't judge). I'll upload pics just as soon as I don't look like ass.
6. I managed to unpack all of my boxes and completely move into my house in 3 days. Because that's how I do. Pics coming. Swear.
7. I managed to get our 2012 tradeshow display design finished and sent off for production.

8ft x 8ft backdrop (super lo-res so it would upload on the blog)

8. I FINALLY got internet at the house. Tethering to a phone for a week for all of your media needs is nightmarish.  Even better? I got the coolest, hugest, Zach-Morris-Cell-Phone sized modem ever!  Not sure what that antiquated shit is all about but thanks Comcast!

9. You missed possibly the best Friday Staff Meeting to date. It was outstanding. I wish I had been sober enough to remember to take notes.  In case you missed the last one, recap here.

10. I'm sleeping. Good God I'm sleeping. No white noise. No Valium. It's SPECTACULAR.  I never slept like this in the city. Good decisions pay off in sheep.


1. Sitting at my desk, eating a truly incredible amount of Indian Food and thinking about how much time on a treadmill this decision equates to. Starting to seriously wonder if I'm a closet masochist.
2. Trying to warm up after a blistering 2 mile walk through Magnolia because, apparently, people in that neighborhood have eschewed all public transit. F#@K YOU SEATTLE METRO!
3. Adding "take pictures of house" and "post pictures of house" to my to do list...because I'm one of those people who needs to-do lists to remember to breathe. Not sure when that happened. I used to have such a good memory. Old age sneaks up on you. Wiley fucker.


Well, I leave for Canada on Sunday for a business trip. Back for a day. Then I leave for Houston for a business trip. Back for 3 weeks. Then I leave for Yakima for my sister's birthday. Back for 2 weeks. Then I have a dinner party and then 2 weeks after that is the SPRING QUARTERLY SLEEPOVER! (elation here)

Stay tuned for some vanity, pics of my last run (read: what makes Seattle so beautiful), and this Friday's Staff Meeting.

Lastly, I don't know who the guy is but whoever put this playlist together on Spotify wins at life. It's like they found my 15 year old self, reached into my adolescent, mid-90s soul and pulled out a little gem of music from that era. 

Thanks, whoever you are.

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