Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blame Canada

Song for this post: "Informer" ~ Snow

Last day in Canada. Tomorrow morning we go back to Seattle for 2 days and then off to Houston.

Firstly, my hotel suite was BA.  Kudos to our accounting department for spoiling us.Given, I felt like my mom was cleaning my room the whole trip, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Every time I got back I'd find all of my clothes folded and put back in my suit case and all of my makeup neatly arranged on the counter in the bathroom. I've been telling myself little elves do it.

I did NOT leave it this clean.
What have I learned at this tradeshow? On a professional level, our partners are amazing. On a totally inappropriate, unprofessional level, well...

Canadians really are obsessed with Celine Dion. She's been playing on heavy rotation here. There's been some Snow (God's truth), some Journey, and a mix of mid-nineties R & B. I'm kind of sad we're leaving before the weekend. They have some cool acts here and it's a shame I'll have to miss Bill Cosby.

Tech people are out of control.  All those men in suits turn into wild animals at the evening events. First of all, the host company SRSLY knows how to throw a party. For. Rlz. Thank you Sage for being so totally BA.  Between the burlesque dancers, the naked guy, the singing drag queen, the Elvis impersonator and the open unlimited bar with top shelf liquor, it's safe to say things got a little edgy.

My boss with Siegfried and Roy impersonators. These guys were HILARIOUS.

The greatest hairy drag queen who ever lived.

A naked guy...on stage.

Elvis...the old sweaty version, who picks his wedgy on stage. Awesome.

I'm not sure if it was when the drag queen told a tech partner that he made her whole week (read: hole weak) or when the chubby guy straight up took his clothes off on stage that I started covering my eyes.

What I do know? My boss is a professional bad ass. 4 Jack & Cokes? 20 minutes flat. See?

Double fisting it. 20 minutes in. The event lasted 5 hours.

Sessions this morning were a bit tough to get through (due to the overwhelming urge to barf in my boss's lap) but now it's the home stretch, we've made some great contacts and I'm proud to report that my skin has returned to a normal, healthy, not horribly hung over color.

Shout outs to Sage for the well managed and perfectly planned tradeshow (as well as the rad gifts we all got), to the Giggle Dam Theatre for some supremely inappropriate entertainment (they do work in Seattle too!) and to River Rock Casino & Resort for being a bomb.com location.

Bring it on Houston.

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