Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My friend, the bear.

Song for this post: "Possum Kingdom" ~ Toadies

I have a friend I've known, quite literally, since daycare.  We fell out of each other's lives for many, many years but, as expected, these days we're still just as up in each other's head as two people could be. The result is some pretty epic word exchanges (see left sidebar of this blog for example A).

Example B:
Nick: I think the first year there, I HAVE to live on/near Cap Hill. If I'm gonna be WFH, I need to be closer to social activities and avenues lest I become a crazy bearded hermit that has a habit of gutting coeds. 
Me: Just the little blonde coeds...keep it true to form. 
Nick: I'd prefer a redhead, honestly, but only if she's under 5'6'' 
Me: You don't gut redheads, Nick. That's a rule. You shackle them in your basement and dollify them. You know better than that.

...because that's not creepy.

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