Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't touch it! It could give you a disease.

Song for this post: "Business Time" ~ Flight of the Concords

Not a lot of people who read this will know this and I thought it was worth mentioning:

Everyone knows by this point that, on Fridays, my boss and coworkers and I drink our faces off at Alibi Room for our lunch.  What many don't know is what Alibi Room is.

Alibi Room is a cute little underground bar in the belly of Pike Market. It's across from the gum wall. Yes. Seattle has a "gum wall." It's a stretch (maybe 2 city blocks long) of nothing but gum...on the wall...gross.

I've never touched it, and I never would. Maybe it's because I have common sense. Maybe it's because I worked with the CDC when I was helping the homeless and learned that 80%+ of the homeless population in the Greater Seattle Area has hepatitis. Who knows where these practicalities come from. But an airheaded roommate I knew from my hometown did because she's kinda dumb and for some reason the thought that this was pre-chewed gum didn't occur to her. ::cue scene from Elf here::

How it is that this has becoming an historic attraction and a coveted thing to photograph is beyond me. And I mean it. There are ALWAYS hoards of people trying to get their photo taken in front of it. Next time I'm just gonna chew a great big, nasty wad of double mint, stick in on my finger and hold it up to your face for a photo op.  Nasty.

Anyway, I'm digressing.

Today it was just me and two of my coworkers.  My boss couldn't come because he didn't come into the office today. We have to be back at the office at 6 AM to fly to Houston so he stayed home to have valuable time with his kids.  If my boss is one thing, it's that he's a family man. That man knows where his priorities are.

At first it was just me & Jeff. Jeff is on our sales staff but he's also a film producer and all around fucking hilarious guy.  He just got done producing a movie about some of the nation's most notorious (and inappropriate) comedians.  He's uber intelligent, quick as a whip[cream] and super insightful. So, basically, what I'm saying is that we got tipsy and talked about things we know nothing the best way to parent children in America today (even though neither of us have children). That digressed into why attorneys are assholes, how difficult establishing protocol in a business environment is, and eventually culminated into us openly sharing the termination letter he's sending to an employee today.

Good times.

I know. We're assholes.

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