Friday, November 2, 2012

Happiness needs to be elevated to pandemia.

Song for this post: "Enjoy Yourself (It's later than you think)" ~ Louis Prima

Are people getting meaner? Or am I just noticing it more? Maybe it's like when you buy a blue car and then realize how many blue cars are on the road. My awareness of cruelty in the world is becoming Nietzschien.

It seems like every single day I see something awful. Like the father who was screaming at his infant on the ferry the other day while it cried hopelessly. Or the woman who kicked her dog as they crossed the street. Or me, when I ignored that poor woman on the boardwalk when all she asked for was help to get food.

It all breaks my heart so much that I get literally, physically nauseous when I think about it all, like feeling the emotions I felt in those moments might make me sick, because our bodies weren't meant to house that kind of negativity.

Maybe I notice it more because I'm out of the city. Maybe I notice because my island is slowly connecting to land.

I just know that everything makes me feel this horrible sense of despair and injustice, like I might lose it if we all don't start doing the right thing right now.

I want to crawl up on a clock tower and declare that we're all going to be happy, goddamnit, even if you all hate it.

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