Thursday, September 27, 2012

You're suspect!

Song for this post: "El Paso" ~ Marty Robbins

Sorry for not being around as much lately...and for being so obnoxiously serious! I'm letting this election consume my thoughts. Sorry ya'll.

Yesterday was my last day with the start-up I was working for. I'm taking a little mini-break before I start my new position with a really exciting tech association.

What am I doing with this free time, you ask?

Well, so far I've watched 2 sappy mid-90s movies about really smart people, caught up on laundry, pined over kittens, and requested feedback on how early is too early for putting up my Christmas tree. Really you guys. I think the end of September is fine! That'll give me a solid 4 months of Christmas in the house! I could just put Halloween decorations on the tree...

I'm still doing Friday Staff Meeting tomorrow. I'm actually taking a ferry to the mainland just for the sole purpose of having lunch and a beer with my now ex coworkers.

That's dedication to the team, right there.

There are things I want to tell you about our trip to Chicago (got back last week) but, honestly, I just can't. It was easily the funniest, most memorable work trip ever that resulted in 2 moments I will never forget and CAN NOT think about without laughing.

After struggling with it for a week, I decided it was best not to post about it. Kind of disparaging. But fuckin' hilarious. Just know that.

We set some records. That's for sure.

All day I've had that song that goes "Out in the west in the town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl..." stuck in my head. Except my brain keeps saying "...I fell in love with a Mexican boy."

Support marriage equality. Marty Robbins inside my brain does. So should you.

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