Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm TOTALLY related to the white house.

Song for this post: "September" ~ Earth, Wind, & Fire

OMG you guys I just really wanted to share this picture with you. You know, just a little bit more about me...

The other day my family and I went on this awesome picnic together and then got this great, totally unexpected, shot of all of us laughing and hugging. You know, like families do.

So then, Uncle Joe was all, "When I was a little boy..." and started tellin' one of his stories. He likes to tell stories. And Malia was all, "Aren't you like, really hot in that suit, Dad? It's like 100 degrees out here." And then we all laughed about how my mom, Michelle, has Madonna arms and dared her to pick both the girls up at the same time.

That woman is tough as nails.

Do you have any idea how many photos I had to splice together to come up with this? 
And it STILL looks all wonky. :/


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