Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's not all hooded death marches and finger pointing!

Song for this post: "Give Your Heart A Break" ~ Demi Lovato

Okay you guys. I know I've been super serious and political lately and I'm sorry.

Let's brighten things up!

The other day I went outside to trim my hedges (I know right?!?!? I'm so independent!), got half way through the first bush and everything just shut off. I couldn't get the darn thing to turn back on for the life of me.

So I bought a new hedge trimmer.

Last night I went outside to trim my hedges (I know right?!?!? I'm so independent!) and the darn thing wouldn't turn on.

Turns out, it's the extension cord. So now I have two hedge trimmers and no extension cord.


Sometimes I warm up to the idea of having a man around.

Also, this is my very favorite thing of the week:

Other favorite things this week?

and this. Don't judge. You like it too. You're just too embarrassed to admit it in public.

Also, The Triple Door. New favorite place. How had I not been there yet?!?!?! Really, touristy tourists. If you're in Seattle, go to The Triple Door. A cute person took me there last week to see a feminist, liberal, comedy show and eat tasty Thai foods.

Super. Win.

Also, hey. I just skimmed back over this and realized it TTLY sounds like I dig chicks!



2 hedge trimmers
1 2 industrial extension cords.

Hey so, now that I've had my foray into DIY garden care I can share a tip with you: When you're working with electric tools like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws (any outdoor tool that plugs into a power outlet via an industrial extension cord and has sharp parts like blades) make sure you keep the cord clear of the blade.

Super important.

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